Hilliker Report – June 2018

Hilliker Letter – June 2018

Wayne had the opportunity to serve with a team in Cabo the first week of June. The team spent most of the week at the clinic in Cabo, doing repairs to the fence and painting the inside of the clinic. A small task, but a big blessing to the doctor and his family. It is exciting to see the ministry that is already being done by the local church. One church feeds children in the surrounding colonia three times each week and offers a rehab center for men. That same church hosted 90-100 ladies for a women’s conference while we were there. Click on the link above for a full report.

Steve and Jan Crews January 2018 Newsletter

January 2018 Newsletter

The best part about serving with Mexican Medical, for us, is their approach to caring for the whole body, both the spiritual and physical needs, just like Jesus. We were able to witness this during our latest trip to Mexico. – Steve and Jan Crews



Ávila Family Report – March 2017

Hello brothers and sisters in Christ. We hope you are well, greetings from your missionaries, the Avila family serving in Cabo San Lucas area.  We want to share with you the activities of the ministry that we have carried out this year so far and the upcoming activities.  In January we traveled together with Stephen and Jan to visit the churches in Maine, Connecticut and New Hampshire. We had a great time connecting with so many of our friends, team members and supporters. We are so grateful to so many churches and individuals that have supported us for almost 20 years. You are such an important part of our ministry. We also really enjoyed the snow!  While we were gone, our children carried out an evangelical medical campaign with our friend Dr. Mercado, in a community outside of Cabo. We supported the ministry of the “Church of God” with 18 medical consultations, pressure and glucose intake and Christian counseling, also distributed bibles and brochures. We are partnering with them in all 11 of the communities with once a month events to share God’s love, medical care and grow their mission church plants.

In the month of February we had an outreach in the “Gastelum” colony, where we had a small medical outreach seeing about 15 patients, checking vital signs, offering Christian counseling and shared dramas and games with the children.The church members shard the word of God, and gave out bibles and books of John.

In March we had an excellent time with our team of short-term missionaries from the United States and a local pastor committed to loving and caring for those so very isolated, about 8 hours from Cabo. We were grateful to visit four villages, La Purisima, Las Barrancas, Chicharon, and San Juanico, that have very little services. Together with them we provided dentistry service to 81 people, medical consultations to 160 people, delivery of reading glasses to 160, foot care to 20 people and children’s activities.  In addition we had 7 home visits and checked the blood pressure and glucose of many. We saw God’s light in this place and were able to share God’s love.  On March 15 we had a medical outreach at the “Alpha and Omega” mission where we gave 18 consultations, blood pressure and glucose checks, medicine was given out and the children were taken care of in an outside covered area.

We are waiting for the visit of a team from Southwest Hills Church, Oregon next week with whom we will have a week full of ministry. We have work projects at both the clinic and the rehabilitation center planned, we will attend church services with the churches we will be serving with, we will participate in the children’s feeding program-cooking food and children’s ministries, and have 4 health fairs and medical outreaches planned with pastors in San Jose, Los Congreos park and the community of Tierra Libertad. We know God has a great plan for that week.  In addition, we continue to see many patients at the clinic, about 37 in January, 25 in February and 29 in March and as many home visits and medication deliveries as needed.

Other upcoming events are serving 200 inmates at a medical/dental clinic at Santa Rosalia Prison for 4 days, May 30-June 3 with missionaries Don and Lorraine, serving with a dental and outreach team in Cabo,June 4-10 and heading to Palenque, Chiapas in July29-Aug 5 for more medical/dental outreaches.

It is a great blessing to be able to share with others of the love and mercy of God. We thank you very much for the support and prayers you give us.

God bless you.

Alvaro, Soledad and family

Sheveland’s February 2017 Newsletter

Sheveland’s Newsletter – February 2017


One thing that never changes is that time seems to fly. Time flew when we first realized we needed to send out a newsletter, two months ago. It has also flown by when we realized that we have been here in Cabo San Lucas for 15 years now. We look back on these years and remember the people who came down to serve along side us for several years. Of the friendships we made with the teams and the relationships we have made and continue with here in Cabo. We know that with some of you we have not seen or spoken with you for many years but we have not forgotten you and we are grateful to all who came to support, encourage, and pray for us. Thank you.


Ávila Newsletter, April 2015

The Ávila family, Dr. Álvaro and Soledad Martinez (a nurse) have been missionaries with Mexican Medical Ministries for over 20 years. We serve in the many communities near Cabo and various locations throughout Mexico, carrying the message of love and salvation of Christ.

Under the Mexican Civil Association of Agua Viva Ministries (Living Water) and Mexican Medical Ministries we are dedicated to working at the clinic (mission site) with consultations for the community and needy families. We also participate in medical and evangelistic outreaches together with different churches and pastors around Cabo San Lucas. In these outreaches we are able to share the love that the Lord gives us, through medical consultations, providing medication, taking vital signs, healings and prayer. We also provide a program for the children through “Health Fairs”, teaching them the importance of caring for both their physical and spiritual needs. They learn how to have good personal hygiene habits and they learn the word of God through bible stories and activities. We give each child a gift bag with hygiene items, information on how to prevent the spread of illness and a verse to remind them of what they learned.

Our son Omar, is 26 years old and is a psychologist working at an elementary school. He also helps at the clinic by providing counseling and psychological therapy to people from the church and from the community who are in need of these services. Together with his wife Evelia they help at the outreaches, working with the children at the “health fair”.

Our daughter Dubiel is 24 years old and is a physical therapist working at an orthopedic center. In her free time she helps in the ministry by providing physical therapy to people in the community and to children with disabilities. She also helps us at the outreaches in many different ways.

Our youngest Daughter, Diana Laura is 19 years old and is currently studying languages at a local college. She serves with us at the senior’s Day Center, helps at the medical outreaches and health fairs and translates for the teams when needed.

In addition, we help many of the local ministries in our community including:

  • A Senior’s Day Center for older adults. This is a very special ministry for us as we care for many grandparents with problems related to diabetes or hypertension. We enjoy being a part of their lives, demonstrating love and patience to them and sharing the love of God.
  • Senda Vida (Path of Life): Led by Dr. Alvaro and his wife, this rehabilitation center is for people with alcohol or drug problems. We provide support and services for them to give up their addictions and help restore their lives, using the Word of God as our foundation.

Besides working in Cabo San Lucas we are also able to serve in other communities within a few hours of us, such as La Paz, San José, Todos Santos and Constitución. We also enjoy returning to the state of Chiapas, Mexico, to serve the indigenous people groups there, where we began our lives as missionaries.

We appreciated the support of the churches after Hurricane Odile. The prayers and donations of funds and supplies helped many families that were impacted by this storm.