Ministry Update

Mexican Medical has been around since 1962 and during these years has made some significant changes. In the 60’s and 70’s Baja looked like the wild west with bad roads and remote villages. Today with all the development in some areas, you can’t always tell the difference from San Diego County. However, with the change of landscape, one thing remains the same: Baja is filled with people who are lost and people coming north hoping for an opportunity for a better life. Unfortunately, with the over-population coupled with corrupt leadership, the hope becomes despair. Many people live without medical services. The need for education to create better jobs exists and the social morals once propped up by small rural Catholic communities have been destroyed by the migration of people living in less than ideal crowded barrios.

Our vision statement has always read “bringing healing and hope,” and never has that need been greater. We were once known as a hospital building ministry. We have always been known for our desire to evangelize, but in the last ten years God has led us to move out from the buildings and go into the streets and take healthcare and the Gospel to where people live. Our missionaries host teams and go into migrant camps, public parks, schools and churches to teach health from a biblical perspective. We endeavor to meet medical, dental and optical needs in those places. We still have hospitals to send people to. We push to be sure that in every case a local church is the hosting agency so that people can see the love of Jesus coming from their neighbors. We have found that this method of serving the people has caused large numbers of people to want to receive Christ and join local churches.

Mexican Medical is also involved in the training of nationals to improve their lives as well as go forth with the Gospel. We sponsor two Bible schools, one nursing school, and, at a home for disabled children, we provide jobs for women coming out of shelters. What we have found is that in the process of ministering to the actual needs of individuals, spiritual transformation takes place and people are anxious to come to the saving knowledge of Christ. What we need to continue this work is more teams that are prayerfully prepared to come alongside the existing leadership in place, serve with humble hearts, and roll up their sleeves and touch lives. We need teachers, builders, house parents, medical and dental professionals, grant writers, mechanics and career missionaries. We need more dependable vans and motor homes because the ministry is very mobile. We need churches to make long-term commitments to support national missionaries. We need prayer warriors!! The field is ripe unto harvest, but it is also filled with land-mines.

The great news from 2014 is that brand new churches were started, old churches got filled up, and people in churches learned how to touch other lives and impact the Kingdom of God. The great news of 2015 is that we are already there and we are doing it again–and you are invited to join us.

Pastor Steve Crews
President of Mexican Medical Ministries