Giving to Mexican Medical
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There are continual needs that we see all around us when we are working in Mexico.  When there are no designated funds to meet those needs we draw from this account. Donating to the Greatest Impact account allows us to use funds as we see needs and have no other way to meet them. Many times as we are doing community outreaches we come across people in desperate need of surgery. When we ask, Our missionaries serving in Mexico, as well as our staff serving in the home office, rely on donations from people like you so they can continue serving the people of Mexico. Click on the title
Health education is a big part of what we do at almost every outreach. Part of our children's ministry teaches good hygiene habits while incorporating lessons from the Bible. For example, while teaching about the importance of brushing our teeth we also teach about how sin is like decay, eroding away at us. We all need to care for our spiritual life as well as our physical body. So while we need to brush our teeth to prevent tooth decay we also need to spend time in God's Word to promote spiritual growth. Donations to health education will help us buy the needed supplies to bring these important spiritual and physical health lessons to children in Mexico. Funds given to the sites will be used for projects such as maintaining current buildings, or building new ones as well as carrying out ministries in their local communities.  Each location has a to-do list of projects awaiting funds to complete them. We do hundreds of blood glucose tests each year, and give away hundreds of new reading glasses. Every pair of glasses costs 40 cents, while it costs $1.00 to do a blood glucose test. Your donation to this account will help cover the costs of these valuable things as well as other costs involved in our Community Health Outreaches.
The Bible school at Clínica La Esperanza, just south of San Quintín, is training up indigenous workers from the migrant farm camps. Upon graduation, many of these students return to their homes in mainland Mexico prepared to present the Gospel in their own dialect. The Bible school uses donations to buy food and supplies for the students. Thank you for your gift in honor or memory of a loved one. We believe that your gift will go on to share the gospel in Mexico and thereby touch and change lives.
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