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17 Mexican churches joined together to serve their community....
We are looking for non-medical and medical volunteers willing to serve as cooks, drivers, set-up crews, children's workers, dental and medical specialists and construction workers for all of the teams listed below.

Community health care is greatly needed in Mexico and really appreciated by the people. Using a holistic approach, we often use a Health Fair format which includes: health screening, health education, and evangelism. While working alongside local Mexicans, all teams bring healthcare and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Mexico.

When you go to Mexico to serve, something very unexpected will happen - you will leave Mexico a different person. Stepping out of your comfort zone and into a cross-cultural situation can have a lifelong impact on you. Experience has proven that God will use the time in Mexico to deepen your relationship with Him.
Tijuana Brigada Weekender
Click on the Tijuana Brigada title above to download the application for this event.

Three times each year we host a huge medical outreach in Tijuana. Each time we go to a different part of the city and work with local chuches with a heart to reach their neighbors for Christ. Dr. Cesar Tamez coordinates the effort for us, along with the Tijuana Evangelical Pastor's Association. Over the course of the day several hundred people will come to see the doctor, dentist, or to get a hair cut or glasses. There is a childrens program focusing on healthy habits that teaches the children while their parents are waiting to see the doctor. The one-on-one evangelism tent presents the gospel to everyone who comes. We are always in need of medical and non-medical volunteers for this event.
Weekender Teams
To download the Weekender Team application click on the doctor photo to the left.

This team is designed for those of you who want to go and serve, but don't have a lot of time. Scheduled over a Friday to Sunday (or Friday to Tuesday for Loreto teams) these teams hit the ground running and don't stop until they are on their way home.

Dental, general medical, chiropractic and optometry services are routinely offered. If you are construction minded let us know some teams may have construction projects to be done on the same weekend.
Dental Teams
For a Dental Team Application click on the dental photo to the left.

Our sites at Loreto and San Vicente have fully equipped mobile dental units ready to go and serve. Clinica La Esperanza has two complete operatories with x-ray. If you are a dentist who would like to come by yourself, or bring a team with you, there will always be a line of patients waiting for you. You are welcome to join one of the scheduled Weekender Teams or contact us for the possibility of setting up a time that fits your schedule.

Hygienists and assistants are welcome to join any of our regularly scheduled Weekender Teams.
Surgical Teams
For a Surgical Team Application click on the surgery photo to the left.

Three times each year we take a surgical team to Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico. The 10-15 member team works long hours to perform around 30 surgeries in five days. This weeklong team (Saturday to Saturday) flies into Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico, then drives to Palenque, Chiapas. Mexican staff preps for the week by lining up patients and opening up the hospital, which has one surgical suite. Although the focus of these teams is surgery, we welcome non medical people to come along as well.
Outreach/ MASH (Mobile, Adventure, Salvation, Healing) Teams
For a Outreach Team Application click on the photo to the left.

Outreach/ MASH Teams often incorporate Health Fairs into the week of activities. Team members will be trained to facilitate one or more of the following areas of a Health Fair:
Screenings - Blood pressure, Blood sugar, Basic vision assessment
Education - Hand washing, Basic nutrition, Dental care
Evangelism - Crafts, Bible verses, Drama, Puppets, Drawings

Some of our Outreach Teams may also help with construction projects at a local church or in the community. More information can be obtained in advance from the Mexican Medical office, and/or from the missionary on location.

Check out the Brochures for more information on teams.

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Tijuana Brigada Information
San Vicente School Outreach Week
Weekender Information
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Date Location Team Price (USD)
TBD Loreto MASH TBD
01/16/15 - 01/19/15 Loreto Weekender $450
02/20/15 - 02/23/15 Loreto Weekender $450
03/01/15 - 03/06/15 San Vicente MASH $450
03/07/15 - 03/07/15 Tijuana Weekender $50
03/10/15 - 03/10/15 Tijuana Dental $50
03/13/15 - 03/16/15 Loreto Weekender $450
04/24/15 - 04/27/15 Loreto Weekender $450
05/21/15 - 05/25/15 Loreto Weekender $600
06/13/15 - 06/20/15 La Esperanza $0
08/08/15 - 08/08/15 Tijuana Weekender $50
10/06/15 - 10/06/15 Tijuana Dental $50
10/11/15 - 10/14/15 La Esperanza $0
10/23/15 - 10/26/15 Loreto Weekender $450
11/03/15 - 11/03/15 Tijuana Dental $50
11/14/15 - 11/14/15 Tijuana Weekender $50
11/20/15 - 11/23/15 Loreto Weekender $450

Trip Reports: back to top
Location Team Report
Loreto Weekender Loreto Weekender March 13-16, 2015
Loreto Weekender Loreto Weekender February 20-23, 2015
Loreto Weekender Loreto Weekender January 16-19, 2015
La Esperanza Dental Dr. Miller to Clinica La Esperanza
Loreto Weekender Loreto Weekender November 2014
Loreto Weekender Loreto Weekender October 24-27, 2014
Lemon Grove October 2014 "Messenger"
Loreto Weekender Loreto Weekender Teams Annual Report 2013-2014
Palenque Surgical Palenque Surgical Team Fall 2014
Lemon Grove August 2014 "Messenger"
Palenque MASH Palenque Outreach Team May 2014
Dental Gabriel House Dental Team Spring 2014
Loreto Weekender Loreto Weekender May 22-26, 2014
Palenque Surgical Palenque Surgical Team Report- April 2014
Tijuana Weekender Tecate Brigada March 2014
Lemon Grove April 2014 "Messenger"
Loreto Weekender Loreto Weekender April 2014
Loreto Weekender Loreto Weekender March 2014

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