Sheveland’s February 2017 Newsletter

Sheveland’s Newsletter – February 2017


One thing that never changes is that time seems to fly. Time flew when we first realized we needed to send out a newsletter, two months ago. It has also flown by when we realized that we have been here in Cabo San Lucas for 15 years now. We look back on these years and remember the people who came down to serve along side us for several years. Of the friendships we made with the teams and the relationships we have made and continue with here in Cabo. We know that with some of you we have not seen or spoken with you for many years but we have not forgotten you and we are grateful to all who came to support, encourage, and pray for us. Thank you.


Loreto Report, April 2015

Each month we give you more information about where we live, what the people are like here and how this ministry meets the needs of the people living in Baja Sur, Mexico.

Sometimes in a place we find one thing that stands out. This month it was people who could not hear, people who could not talk, and/or people who had organs inside their bodies in different places than normal … (Please read the whole report for details…)

Many people in the areas we minister in have come to disregard God, because of what they have seen and/or heard in both the Christian and non-Christian churches. What a sad commentary! But we’re here showing them the love of Jesus, and sharing with them the message of salvation – and many people are responding positively!

Before holding our Health Fairs we go to the church in which we will be holding the Health Fair, and preach about the need to not only believe in Jesus, but to also live for Him! We must no longer be living for our own selfish desires – rather, we must be living for the Kingdom of God. In II Cor. 5:17-20 it says – we are to be ‘Ambassadors for Christ.’ In other words, we must be living our lives in a way that attracts people to the Kingdom of God, and we must be explaining to these people how they too can become part of this Kingdom of God. This is our calling, and it’s our responsibility! We have been entrusted with the ‘ministry of reconciliation…’

We explain, these Health Fairs are therefore to help them as they try to live up to their ‘calling’… And so as their family, friends, neighbors and the people they work with see their changed lives, and as they build relationships with these people, then these people will be open to the Gospel. And so when they are invited to the Health Fairs, (and its an easy invitation), they’ll experience the love of Jesus and be open to receive the message of salvation…

As the people in these churches start living this way, we see more people being brought to Christ…

Thank you so much again for helping to make all of this happen. We do praise the Lord, for your partnership!