Johnson Journal – June 2017

Johnson Journal June 2017

Partners in Ministry

Greeting from Mexico! How exciting to see how God is working in the lives of people here in San Vicente. Many people have asked this question: How could you leave your farm and business and come to Baja? In reality it was fairly easy for me but it was a giant step for Lynne. Today we are both so pleased that we took that step of faith. The things we have learned about ourselves, our God, and the people of Baja are truly awesome and amazing. To see how God has changed us and to see how God has changed the people in San Vicente has made it more than worthwhile.

Our goal in writing our newsletter is not just to let you know what is happening but also to encourage you to step out in faith to follow what God would have you do in your life. Lynne and I know from experience that God loves us and wants the best for us. Sometimes we have just had to trust God and follow the path He has before us until we can see the results, but it has always been worth the wait.

We have attached our latest newsletter to help know what God is doing through your partnership and give you a snapshot of what God is doing in San Vicente. Thank you so very much for your faithful, prayers, encouragement, and support. You are appreciated.

“You can’t change the past, but you can change the future by seeking God’s will instead of your own.”  Billy Graham

Dave & Lynne Johnson


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Phone calls are forwarded to San Vicente

Loreto Weekend Report – Santa Rosalía Prison May 30 – June 3, 2017

Report for Weekender Prison Team May 30 – June 3, 2017

This month we were in a prison again – this time in Santa Rosalía, where we have been going every year for the past eight years – sometimes twice in a year. It was so wonderful to be back again sharing the love of Jesus and the message of salvation with some of the staff, guards and inmates; and to see some of the fruit of our previous labors.

On the day we arrived, we were welcomed very warmly by many of the staff and guards – quite a difference from how everything began eight years ago. All of the suspicion, apprehension, and criticism we experienced back then had been replaced with embrace after embrace; and on the last day, one of the lead guards asked if we could take our health fairs to the communities around his home – and he assured us that he wanted to help us put these health fairs on…

In the meetings we had with some of the staff and guards at the beginning of each day, I explained exactly why we keep coming back – beginning by telling them why every time we come we give everyone the little booklet, “Agua Viva”- the Gospel of John.

What makes this book special is that the writer had seen and heard something so very unique, from a person he had got to know so well, that he felt compelled to share what he had come to know with as many people as possible. In the same way we too have come to know and experience some-thing we want to share – especially with the inmates (who have been discarded from society) – because everyone who comes to know and experience what this writer explains, will have their lives will be changed forever, for the good…

The writer used these words trying to describe who Jesus was: The Word, Creator, Life, Light, Grace, Truth, Son of God, Lamb of God, Forgiver… During these three morning meetings we read together John 1:1-23 and I explained in detail what each of these words meant; and then I went on to explain that John the Baptist declared himself to be preparing the way for the Messiah – the One who was coming into their world as promised, to change everything…!  In the same way I said, “We’re like John the Baptist – coming into your world to share this same wonderful news…”

After the meeting on the third day one of the office staff came to me explaining how much she really appreciated what we were doing, and had done over the years; and then went on to explain that her life had been changed as a result, and that she had been attending one of the churches in Santa Rosalia that we had held our health fairs at a few years ago…

At the meetings we had with all of the inmates at the end of our three days I again explained to them, using a modern parable, the personal value there can be of reading the Bible, believing what it tells us, and doing what it says…, over one hundred men picked up Bibles.

Click here to see pictures and read our Full Report…

Johnson Journal, April 2015

How exciting to see God changing people’s lives, their hopes and their dreams. As we watch the Angels grow and mature, as young people but also as young people who have a desire to serve God, we are thrilled. Ten years ago one young lady asked to go with us to tell her own people about Jesus and now that one has grown to twenty young people. God allowed this team to grow slowly which allowed us to grow into this ministry and we love both the youth and the ministry.

Our last couple of teams have worked in partnership with the local church to build a house for a family of the church. It has been so fun to watch the family as they watch their house being built and the excitement they have shown. The husband/father is not able to do any strenuous work due to a heart condition so this makes it even more special to help the church help this family.

We have attached our latest newsletter to assist you as you pray for us. Without our support team back home we could not fulfill the ministry God has called to in San Vicente. Thank you so much for your prayers, encouragement, and support. You are a vital part of this ministry

God bless you and know you are appreciated!

Jesus was the greatest leader because he was the greatest servant
Dave & Lynne Johnson

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Phone calls are forwarded to San Vicente

Loreto Report, March 2015

What a joy it was to work with the First Baptist Church in La Paz once again. This church has been established for many years, but they are busy planting more churches – so this month we were in one of the newer neighborhoods of La Paz… And each day they sent over 40 workers from the home church to help us. It was so wonderful to see the way they took on all the responsibilities – very encouraging!

We were also privileged to have Monica Avina fly down from Alta Loma, California to help us this past weekend.

Another encouragement was to see a few new faces at the church service that followed our Health Fairs on Sunday night – people who had been introduced to this church, and who had been impressed with the love of Christ shown to them, during our Health Fairs this weekend…

At each of our Health Fairs we give everyone a Gospel of John and make available free of charge, New Testaments and Bibles. We also we buy and then sell at reduced prices: Study Bibles, correspondence course materials, special Children’s Bibles, and other Christian books… And this month our Bible and book table was very popular! We’ve never sold as many Study Bibles at any other Health Fair. (How exciting it was to talk and pray with people who are wanting to walk closer with our Lord…)

If you would like to join us sometime and be a part of one of our Weekend’s of Health Fairs, we would encourage you to send us an email. (You don’t have to speak Spanish.) You could even come to Loreto and enjoy a few wonderful days of vacation before or after our Health Fairs…

If you’re not able to come and help us, please keep us in your prayers…, and also if you are able to help financially support this wonderful ministry, that too would be very much appreciated!

Thank you so much again for helping to make all of this happen. We do praise the Lord, for your partnership!

Johnson Journal, February 2015

Lynne and I want to thank you for your faithful prayers and encouragement. We are so encouraged by your faithfulness and value your prayers, encouragement, and support.

As each year ends and a new year begins many of us look back as well as look forward. As we look back over 2014 we can see so many wonderful and exciting things which came to fulfillment. The past several years we have thought that the past year was so good, how could it be any better. Then another year and yes it was better.

We have several ideas for the new year and are excited to see how these ideas will work out. One of the goals we have is to have a national take the leadership of “The angels”, our Mexican Youth Ministry Team. We are working with the local church leadership to see this transfer of leadership happens in a smooth and positive way.

I have attached our latest newsletter to assist you in knowing what we are doing and how God is working. We also value your prayers and hope this information will assist in those prayers.

God bless you and know you are appreciated.

“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.”
Jim Elliot

Dave & Lynne Johnson

Loreto Report, November 2014

One of the churches in Loreto had moved recently to a new location, so we held our Health Fairs at their new location as way to let the people around it know this church is now closer to them there for their benefit.

One of the young men in the church was eager to learn from Don how to help people get the right glasses, and then give those to them. So Don took the time to explain a few basics, and how to also use our ‘variant sliders’ to determine the strength of the glasses needed for either reading or distance, and then how we use the reading of John 3:16 to confirm that the reading lasses we give them work well for them. So Jorge then got started…

An hour later I came to Jorge and asked how he was doing, and he responded, “Very well…” So then I explained that after they have read, “God loved us all so much that He sent His only Son into the world to die for us, and for those who believe in Him, they will not live an empty life but they will have eternal life” ask “when using the glasses are the letters clear to your eyes”? (Wait for a response then ask,) “Is the message you have just read clear to your heart?”

Then after you have had some discussion don’t ask them to pray, but ask, “Can I pray for you?” Most times people will say “Yes”, so then ask, “What in your life would you like me to pray for?” They will then open up and share with you their problems and concerns. Now you have an open door from which you can guide them into the Bible and their need to accept Christ as their own Lord and Savior. Now pray for them appropriately, and God will bless them and you in the process…

An hour or so passed, and Jorge said to me, “Why didn’t you tell me all of this at the start? It’s so easy to talk to people this way.” I explained that it might likely have been too much at one time, but now you know…

At the end of the day, he said that one person was so impressed with how Jorge gave him his glasses, talked compassionately with him, and then prayed for him, that he would be coming back on Sunday with others in his family – so that they could be prayed for as well.

At the end on Sunday Jorge said, “I want to do this with you again next month, wherever you go with your Health Fairs…”