“The Mountains Will Move”

July 2 2016

November 2016 Newsletter

Hello Friends and Family,

It can certainly be a challenge to sum up nine weeks of summer ministry in a few pages, but here is the result – attached to this e-mail.  One of our favorite times with the groups is sharing time at the end of the week.  Sometimes it takes place in the Fellowship Hall, out in the courtyard, or at the beach around a campfire.  It’s a time when team members share meaningful moments from the week of ministry and how God has made an impact on their lives in this place.  If we wrote down all of the testimonies of God’s goodness this summer, we’d have a pretty long book!  Isn’t God awesome!  It’s these sharing times that motivate us to continue on.  We are so thankful for your prayers, love, and support!  We pray you have a happy Thanksgiving with your families this month!

God bless you!

Buky, Theresa, and Elena Ventura-Lewis


Loreto Weekender October 21-24, 2016

Report For

Loreto Weekender  October 21-24, 2016



Full Report With Photos

It was good to start another season of ‘free’ evangelistic Community Health Fairs – even though it was very hot and the humidity made it almost unbearable. We didn’t have air conditioning in the church, but I think we had six or seven fans blowing on everyone all the time in the church, and another four fans working in the dental trailer all day long.  But we were all glad to be serving the people…

We were really pleased to have Lynda Tran come from Santa Cruz to join us this time, as well as Mike and Karen who came with Steve and Jan Crews. Odi and Chava came with their three children from Insurgentes to help, as did Eliana. Yxchel and Gloria came from La Paz, and brought Ricardo and Chris with them. And we also had Travis and Sherry from Loreto helping us, along with several members from the church we were at. It was a wonderful Team! We all worked very well together, and many people were truly blessed as a result. Saturday was a little slow, not so much because of the heat, but because Loreto was celebrating its 319th birthday, but we were all busy all day long on Sunday. (That’s right, Loreto was established in 1697.)

I have been asked: What is it that always stands out in your Health Fairs? The answer: It is always wonderful to just watch people as the love of Jesus is poured out upon them, and as they heard the message of salvation being shared with them. They are always amazed at how well Christians can work together. They are impressed with the personal care we give to each of them – they are not pushed through the line or treated coldly. And when we ask them if they would like us to pray for them, they are so grateful that we care about whatever the issues are that they are facing. And to see the joy on their faces after they have understood God’s love for them, and then as a result they have accepted Jesus Christ as their own personal Lord and Savior – that expression of happiness is remarkable! It is like they have become ‘debt free’ – their burdens have been lifted and they have been given a new start in life. It’s wonderful!

Missionaries Don & Lorraine Karsgaard

Trujillo’s September 2016 Newsletter


Trujillo’s September 2016 Newsletter

Vince and Gail are serving with Mexican Medical Ministries based at the Seminario Teologico de Baja California in Tecate, Baja California, Mexico.  Read their newsletter to hear about their latest medical brigade where 69 adults prayed to receive Jesus as their Savior and 36 recommitted their lives to Jesus.


Johnson Journal August 2016




Johnson Journal August 2016

Partners in Ministry

Wow, we have had an awesome summer in San Vicente. Watching God work is truly one of life’s joys. Attached is our latest newsletter to give you a glimpse into what has happened the past couple of months.

We want to thank each and every one who prays, encourages, and supports us as you are the real hero’s and without you we could not be in San Vicente. Your support in these ways makes it possible for us to serve in this awesome ministry.

Two more of our Angels and former Angels have started the school of missions. Abi, a new member of the Angels who is really excited to have the opportunity to go to school and learn about God. Victor, who has been one of Dave’s special “projects” for several years. Both of these young men have potential to be awesome men for God.  In addition Alejandra will graduate from Bible school at the end of this semester.

Dave & Lynne Johnson


Johnson Journal June 2016



Johnson Journal June 2016

Dave & Lynne Johnson write:

We are very excited to see a former Angel who just graduated from a year long missions school take the leadership of the discipleship team. Alba was part of the Angels for several years and is a young lady whom we have assisted through Jr Hi and High School so she could get an education. Then to see her go to a school focusing on missions and now back in San Vicente is awesome.  Alba is a little nervous about her new role but watching her this week as the Angels prepare for a summer of ministry is amazing. She knows how we have done things for years and now she has ideas of her own and we are pleased to support her in this new role.  This may be the fulfillment of our goal to see a national person take the leadership of this discipleship ministry and make it their own. The goal of missions should always be to train nationals for leadership and then step back and let them lead in their own style. Lynne and I are so pleased to see this happening.

Loreto Weekender February 26-29, 2016


February, 2016 – Weekender Team Report

Missionary Don Karsgaard writes: I explained to the Pastor and then to the congregation that our Health Fairs have a different focus than the groups that had been in their church previously. Our focus was not so much to provide these services to the members of their church, as much as it is to provide an evangelistic tool for the members of their church to use in reaching out with the love of Christ and the message of salvation to their family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.

You see, many of the members of the churches in our area of Baja believe that it is the Pastor’s responsibility to share Christ with people, and it’s his job invite these people to their church services. And while this is true, they believe that it is NOT their job to do this… So one of the wonderful opportunities we have therefore is to help these Christians understand that IT IS their responsibility…, and that IT IS also a great privilege to share Christ with others.

We shared and explained the instructions that were given to us all in John 9:4-5; Matthew 5:13-16; Matthew 28:19-20; II Corinthians 5:17-20; Timothy 2:15; I Peter 3:15-16a; and Matthew 9:35-36…

Their Pastor was so excited to have Don share all of this with his church at their services, and to hear him sharing with people this past weekend as well, that he has invited Don back to preach in his church again.  Please pray for this church and for Pastor Marcos and for his wife, Filipa – they are wonderful people… So this weekend has been a wonderful start for many of the people in this church – a start to sharing their faith with others. Also many people were impressed with the love of Jesus that was shared with them this weekend.

This ministry is so very good!!! — helping both Christians grow deeper in their relationship with the Lord, and also helping others come closer to having


Dr. Miller, November 2015

Dentist Dr. Miller joined us in early November for his 14th trip to La Esperanza. He was accompanied by assistants Alia Lynn and Amanda Krajsa. Dentist Dra. Bonnie Barajas with Mexican Medical also joined the team. Dave and Lynne Johnson brought the mobile dental unit and Amy Fuller kept the team fed.

We saw 82 total patients in Camp Vergel, Paseo de San Quintín, and at the clinic. Dr. Miller fixed a woman’s front teeth. She never used to smile because she was self-conscious, but she was all smiles after she saw her new teeth in the mirror. An older indigenous woman, Paula, mother of ten, came through and was missing some of her teeth in front. She had a dark spot on one of her remaining front teeth, and she was so grateful to have the spot polished away. It was a simple procedure, but it brought her so much joy.

Andrea, who comes to our Saturday Bible Club, had heard that we had dentists coming, so she told her grandfather to take her to the clinic so we could look at her tooth. She came late in the day and our schedule was full, but I didn’t have the heart to turn her away. She came back later and we were able to fit her in. The tooth had to come out. I held her hand while she received her injections. She was so brave and still happy afterwards, giving Dr. Miller a hug.

At one point, we realized her grandfather was no longer waiting in the truck. He had gone into our church for service. Apparently, this man had been the assistant pastor to Buky’s father, Rafael, many years ago, but problems came up in his life and he left the church. So, it was so sweet to see this man attend church for the first time in a long time because of his granddaughter’s persistence to see the dentist.

While the dentists were working during the week, Maurilio and his wife Refugio were spending time in evangelism with the patients. Twelve patients received Christ that week and 3 rededicated their lives. Buky and Cris spent time ministering to the kids at each location with a Bible story and craft.