Johnson Journal – June 2017

Johnson Journal June 2017

Partners in Ministry

Greeting from Mexico! How exciting to see how God is working in the lives of people here in San Vicente. Many people have asked this question: How could you leave your farm and business and come to Baja? In reality it was fairly easy for me but it was a giant step for Lynne. Today we are both so pleased that we took that step of faith. The things we have learned about ourselves, our God, and the people of Baja are truly awesome and amazing. To see how God has changed us and to see how God has changed the people in San Vicente has made it more than worthwhile.

Our goal in writing our newsletter is not just to let you know what is happening but also to encourage you to step out in faith to follow what God would have you do in your life. Lynne and I know from experience that God loves us and wants the best for us. Sometimes we have just had to trust God and follow the path He has before us until we can see the results, but it has always been worth the wait.

We have attached our latest newsletter to help know what God is doing through your partnership and give you a snapshot of what God is doing in San Vicente. Thank you so very much for your faithful, prayers, encouragement, and support. You are appreciated.

“You can’t change the past, but you can change the future by seeking God’s will instead of your own.”  Billy Graham

Dave & Lynne Johnson


Serving With Mexican Medical Ministries 619-488-4447 (San Diego, CA)
503-931-6552 (Salem, OR)
Phone calls are forwarded to San Vicente

Johnson Journal December 2016

Johnson Journal December 2016

Partners in Ministry 

We would like to wish each and every one a merry Christmas and pray you have the best New Year.

 The past fourteen years in Mexico have been awesome and God has given us so much joy and satisfaction as we have seen the changes in the San Vicente church. The people of San Vicente have treated us more like family then missionaries for which we are grateful. They keep telling us we are just part of their church family and invite us to all their major events and especially their mission trips. What an honor and pleasure to join them as they serve God and share Jesus with their own people. 

We are also privileged to be a part of some awesome missionaries and dynamic church leaders in Baja as they provide opportunities for their churches to reach communities for Jesus. Our mobile dental unit is part of those outreaches and provides some very practical means to say we as Christians really care about you and want to provide for your physical needs as well as your spiritual needs. 

All of these opportunities are made possible because you as our Partners in Ministry have provided not only for our financial needs but also prayed regularly for us. Without your support and prayers we would not have been able to serve as your representatives in Mexico. Thank you so very much.

 Attached is our latest newsletter to assist you in knowing what is happening in Baja and with us.

 Merry Christmas and May God richly bless you in the New Year

Life with God is not immunity from difficulties, but peace in difficulties. C. S. Lewis

Dave & Lynne Johnson



Trujillo’s September 2016 Newsletter


Trujillo’s September 2016 Newsletter

Vince and Gail are serving with Mexican Medical Ministries based at the Seminario Teologico de Baja California in Tecate, Baja California, Mexico.  Read their newsletter to hear about their latest medical brigade where 69 adults prayed to receive Jesus as their Savior and 36 recommitted their lives to Jesus.


Cris McCoy August 2016 Newsletter

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August 2016 Newsletter

At the end of each season as I sit to share some of what I experienced and witnessed God doing, I am always overwhelmed. There is so much to share and only a little space to do so, especially if I hope to keep the attention of the reader.

In the attached newsletter I will share just a little splash of the joys and sorrows shared this summer. We had 8 teams join us from different areas of the US. We went to some new places and engaged in some new types of ministries as well.


Johnson Journal August 2016




Johnson Journal August 2016

Partners in Ministry

Wow, we have had an awesome summer in San Vicente. Watching God work is truly one of life’s joys. Attached is our latest newsletter to give you a glimpse into what has happened the past couple of months.

We want to thank each and every one who prays, encourages, and supports us as you are the real hero’s and without you we could not be in San Vicente. Your support in these ways makes it possible for us to serve in this awesome ministry.

Two more of our Angels and former Angels have started the school of missions. Abi, a new member of the Angels who is really excited to have the opportunity to go to school and learn about God. Victor, who has been one of Dave’s special “projects” for several years. Both of these young men have potential to be awesome men for God.  In addition Alejandra will graduate from Bible school at the end of this semester.

Dave & Lynne Johnson


Loreto Report, January 2015

This is now the third year (in January) that we have enjoyed having with us twelve students from Messiah College in Pennsylvania. They were here in Loreto taking a three-week course with their College on International Development, led by their professor Dr. Connie Ostwald. They all lived at our home/ministry center, had classes there and sent out into the community and the surrounding areas to put into practice what they were learning in class… (Read the ‘whole Report’ for greater detail on what all they did…) These students also participated in our Health Fairs this month as another practical aspect of their course.

What a joy it has been to have had this opportunity to have input into these student’s lives, knowing they will use these three weeks to formulate what they will do the rest of their lives.

Our Health Fairs this month were in one of the new areas of Loreto, where there are not many homes yet, so we anticipated that there would not be many people in attendance. But we went anyways to this small church, to encourage them and to help them reach out particularly to there friends, neighbors and co-workers. And even though there were fewer people who came, as compared to other months, we still had three men who had never been to their church before, accept Christ as Savior – and the Pastor reported to us on the Monday, January 26 that these men came to their church the Sunday following the Health Fair and gave their testimonies in front of the church. Praise the Lord!

Thank you again for praying for us and for the various ministries we are involved in…

What a privilege it is to be involved in these wonderful ministries! Thank you again for your partnership!