Loreto is a city of about 20,000 people currently, with maybe a total of 300 people attending our 16 small evangelical churches. (The other towns and cities nearby have a similar ratio.) So there is a real need in this area, and many of these small churches are interested in having teams come to help them reach out to the people in these areas with the love of the Lord Jesus Christ and the message of salvation.

However, the State of Baja California Sur is an area of Mexico that has very few evangelistic teams coming to it – except for Cabo San Lucas. (The reasons are basically that flights to Cabo are a little less expensive, and there is a “tourist attraction” to that area.) So, as missionaries who have been here for 16 years, it is our desire to see more evangelistic activity in the central areas of Baja Sur.

Loreto is strategically located for reaching out to the towns of Santa Rosalía and Mulegé to the north, and to Ciudad Constitución to the southwest, and to the many villages in between. So there are many people within a 3-hour radius of Loreto who have never heard the Gospel, and we are endeavoring to reach these people with our teams. (In fact, the large city of La Paz, 5 hours south of Loreto, also is an area of great need — and we would love to help the people there as well.)

Loreto is a developing city. The local government projected a couple of years ago that by the year 2020 there will be 125,000 people living in Loreto, and the developers have begun their work. What a task it will be to reach this ever-increasing population with the Gospel! New churches will need to be established, and many new ministries begun. Today, Loreto is a strategic ministry location!

Loreto was at one time the capital city of Baja Sur, and is the location of the first Roman Catholic mission in all of the Californias. And today the Catholic Church still has a very strong influence in this city. Loreto’s main industry is fishing, and its second industry is tourism – although it is nothing like Cabo San Lucas. Loreto also still has a very Spanish culture, although you can tell there is an American influence. Loreto is a very friendly city, with an extremely low crime rate. There are a few RV parks to accommodate some of the “snowbirds” coming to the Baja. Loreto has a new hospital. And there are stores in Loreto where you can buy almost everything that you might need.

In summary, we believe you will enjoy coming to Loreto, (and to the other cities and towns nearby), and we know you will be appreciated by the people here when you come on one of our teams, because your involvement will be a great blessing to the people in and around Loreto.

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