Cris McCoy April 2016 Newsletter

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April 2016 Newsletter

San Felipe – In early March, I was afforded the honor of joining a team of 19 Americans from California and 19 Mexicans from Tijuana who traveled together to San Felipe to offer health fairs in two different communities. (San Felipe is located on the Sea of Cortez side of Baja about 5 hours south of the border.) In each location we partnered with several churches already existing there to bring free medical and spiritual care to the poor. We offered all levels of dental care (including one surgery), doctor consults, medicine, foot care, haircuts, reading glasses, blood pressure and sugar level checks. All these services gave us an opportunity to offer spiritual care through sharing the gospel and praying for both adults and children in a variety of venues. Between both days there were 111 adults receiving Jesus for the first time. We are praying for the pastors and their churches as they follow up with these new believers.



“The Mountains Will Move”

March 2016


The Potential of Film Ministry

Last summer, we went back to migrant camp Camp Vergel weekly to show Christian films, pray for people, and give out Bibles. One night at film, Buky was approached by a man named Andrés who had once been a disciple of Buky’s father, Rafael. Andrés was a migrant farm worker from Oaxaca who had come to know the Lord many years ago through film ministry at Camp Pulgas (“Camp of the Fleas”). After he came to know the Lord, he was sad that he had to go back to Oaxaca, but Rafael told him that he shouldn’t be sad because he was going to go back to preach the Gospel. One night, Andrés came to Rafael and insisted on being baptized before he left for Oaxaca the next day. So, Rafael went out to the beach that night to baptize him.
When Andrés arrived in Oaxaca, he began to share the Gospel with his family and then, over time, he shared with people in his community. Andrés came back to Baja later and testified of how he had received death threats for preaching the Gospel. Despite these threats, Andrés persevered, and now there is a church in his community.
Some nights at film ministry can be discouraging when we don’t see anyone go forward to receive prayer, but hearing the testimony of Andrés encourages us to continue because we never know when we will have another person like Andrés come to film ministry that God will use to bring change to his community.

Johnson Journal March 2016

Johnson Journal March 2016


Partners in Ministry


We want to thank you for your prayers related to Dave’s health.  He is still dealing with the heart challenges but the Doctors have been very positive about the long term outcome.  Please keep us in your prayers.


We have attached our last newsletter to assist you in knowing what is happening and how to pray for us.


Without you, our partners in ministry, it would not be possible for us to continue serving in Mexico.  Thank you for your encouragement, love, prayers and support


Faith demands an action, not just a feeling

Dave & Lynne Johnson

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Loreto Weekender March 11-14, 2016

March, 2016 – Weekender Team Report



Two years ago we had been in Insurgentes at the church that Odi is a member of, and it was then that Odi shared her story with me about how she became a Christian – you may remember us sharing with you… Odi explained, “It began with a car accident just south of San Quintin when I was travelling with a friend and we had a bad car accident so

we were taken to one of the local hospitals..”  Odi went on, “We were all cared for with a love like I had never experienced before. A man even flew my friend to San Diego for more medical help; and at no cost to us…! But before they left the pilot took time to explain God’s love for us…, and then he helped me pray the sinner’s prayer…”  Odi continued saying, “But I don’t remember the names of the hospital, the doctor or the pilot.”  So I asked Odi when this car accident happen, and she said it was back in the summer of 1999.

I then surprised her by telling her, “This all happened at the Hospital Buen Pastor…, the doctor’s name was Dr. Gonzales, and the pilot’s name was Joe Vaine…” Then Odi in shock interrupted me saying, “You’re right! But how do you know all this?”  I then told her that I had been living at Hospital Buen Pastor at that time, leading teams from the USA and Canada; and that I remembered being one of the people who had helped load her friend into the plane, and that I also had been praying for her as Joe had been explaining the way of salvation to her.

After we had shared all of this with each other, Odi broke down with tears saying, “And here we are now – you and me serving the Lord together …And you were there from the very beginning for me…” Now it is two years later, and the Lord is bringing us together again in service for Him – and we’re excited to see just how wonderful the plan of the Lord is for us and for this great ministry of helping people with both their physical and spiritual needs. This time was no exception. We had a great team of workers and volunteers; and many people were impressed with the love of God and received the message of salvation.

Loreto Weekender February 26-29, 2016


February, 2016 – Weekender Team Report

Missionary Don Karsgaard writes: I explained to the Pastor and then to the congregation that our Health Fairs have a different focus than the groups that had been in their church previously. Our focus was not so much to provide these services to the members of their church, as much as it is to provide an evangelistic tool for the members of their church to use in reaching out with the love of Christ and the message of salvation to their family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.

You see, many of the members of the churches in our area of Baja believe that it is the Pastor’s responsibility to share Christ with people, and it’s his job invite these people to their church services. And while this is true, they believe that it is NOT their job to do this… So one of the wonderful opportunities we have therefore is to help these Christians understand that IT IS their responsibility…, and that IT IS also a great privilege to share Christ with others.

We shared and explained the instructions that were given to us all in John 9:4-5; Matthew 5:13-16; Matthew 28:19-20; II Corinthians 5:17-20; Timothy 2:15; I Peter 3:15-16a; and Matthew 9:35-36…

Their Pastor was so excited to have Don share all of this with his church at their services, and to hear him sharing with people this past weekend as well, that he has invited Don back to preach in his church again.  Please pray for this church and for Pastor Marcos and for his wife, Filipa – they are wonderful people… So this weekend has been a wonderful start for many of the people in this church – a start to sharing their faith with others. Also many people were impressed with the love of Jesus that was shared with them this weekend.

This ministry is so very good!!! — helping both Christians grow deeper in their relationship with the Lord, and also helping others come closer to having


Loreto Weekender January 15-18, 2016


Loreto WEEKENDER TEAM — January 15-18, 2016


January, 2016 – Weekender Team Report

This month we held our Health Fairs in one of the newest areas of Loreto. Many of the people in this part of the city are unemployed and therefore are not able to afford much. Thankfully though, there are new evangelical churches starting in this part of town – so we decided this month to support the newest Baptist Church in Loreto…

We had a really wonderful weekend! Oh there were a couple of setbacks – for example, we again were not able to have a doctor at the Health Fairs this weekend… Well we did have a doctor say she could come, but then her employer changed her work schedule at the last moment and that then prevented her from being able to come.. In any case we were still able to offer free dentistry and glasses, etc. so the program went on anyway without a doctor, and everyone understood…

One of the greatest encouragements for every-one this weekend was to see the Pastor who really doesn’t have much in the way of physical things, show his joy of the Lord and his passion for the people!  What a great example he was for us all!

Another joy for us this month was to have six people from the new English Church in Loreto that we have started, join us to help in various ways at the Health Fairs this weekend.

Also! For 18 days this January we’ve had as in previous years, 12 students from Messiah College in Pennsylvania living with us. We enjoy having them at our home/ministry center, and it’s been wonderful to again have concentrated input into the lives of 12 students – especially because they are interested in possibly becoming involved in international business one day, or becoming part of some cross-cultural ministry — this is the focus of this course that is being put on at our home by Dr. Connie Ostwald of Messiah College.

Please continue to pray that our Health Fairs in various communities, as well as in the Prison, will continue to attract and be a real blessing to so many people…

Thank you again for all your prayers and for your financial support, which help to make this all happen. We praise the Lord for your partnership!

Don & Lorraine Karsgaard

Dr. Miller, November 2015

Dentist Dr. Miller joined us in early November for his 14th trip to La Esperanza. He was accompanied by assistants Alia Lynn and Amanda Krajsa. Dentist Dra. Bonnie Barajas with Mexican Medical also joined the team. Dave and Lynne Johnson brought the mobile dental unit and Amy Fuller kept the team fed.

We saw 82 total patients in Camp Vergel, Paseo de San Quintín, and at the clinic. Dr. Miller fixed a woman’s front teeth. She never used to smile because she was self-conscious, but she was all smiles after she saw her new teeth in the mirror. An older indigenous woman, Paula, mother of ten, came through and was missing some of her teeth in front. She had a dark spot on one of her remaining front teeth, and she was so grateful to have the spot polished away. It was a simple procedure, but it brought her so much joy.

Andrea, who comes to our Saturday Bible Club, had heard that we had dentists coming, so she told her grandfather to take her to the clinic so we could look at her tooth. She came late in the day and our schedule was full, but I didn’t have the heart to turn her away. She came back later and we were able to fit her in. The tooth had to come out. I held her hand while she received her injections. She was so brave and still happy afterwards, giving Dr. Miller a hug.

At one point, we realized her grandfather was no longer waiting in the truck. He had gone into our church for service. Apparently, this man had been the assistant pastor to Buky’s father, Rafael, many years ago, but problems came up in his life and he left the church. So, it was so sweet to see this man attend church for the first time in a long time because of his granddaughter’s persistence to see the dentist.

While the dentists were working during the week, Maurilio and his wife Refugio were spending time in evangelism with the patients. Twelve patients received Christ that week and 3 rededicated their lives. Buky and Cris spent time ministering to the kids at each location with a Bible story and craft.

Johnson Journal, October 2015

As many of you have heard we have had to change plans due to some medical challenges with Dave’s heart. Over the past couple of months the doctors have been testing him to the point he feels they have turned him inside out and made him feel like a pin cushion with all the needles they have used on his arms. Just today he was at the hospital for an outpatient treatment. They sent a camera down his throat for close look at his heart and found it looked good and clear so they were able to shock his heart to reset the rhythm, and it worked perfectly. Now he needs to follow directions closely and have a checkup in 2 weeks.

Thank you for your prayers but please continue to pray for a complete resolution so we can return to San Vicente.

Above you will find a link our latest newsletter to assist you in knowing what God is doing in San Vicente and how to pray. Prayer is the number key to the success in all ministries.

The true character of a man is revealed by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.
Dave & Lynne Johnson

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Phone calls are forwarded to San Vicente