Loreto Weekender May-June, 2016

Santa RosalÍa Prison Ministry
Santa RosalÍa Prison Ministry

May-June, 2016 – Weekender Team Report

Missionary Don Karsgaard writes:

As in all of our Health Fairs we begin each day with a message from the Bible, to put the day and our lives in the proper perspective. So I began the Health Fairs in the prison in Santa Rosalía on June 1 sharing with our Team and some of the prison staff about how it is that I really ‘feel at home’ in that prison. I told the prison staff that I felt them to be my friends, and I could see the eyes of some of the staff start to redden – especially as I went on to define the criteria for ‘friendship’. Then shared that I also felt very comfortable with the inmates – then tears started to well up in the eyes of almost everyone as I went on next to describe how Jesus wants to be a friend to each of us; and that it was His love in me that gave me all of these wonderful feelings

for them and the inmates… I was so glad to have been able to go to the Prison this month, and to be able to share this… (Praise the Lord!) And it has been so wonderful to see the lives of some of the prison staff change over the years that we have been going to this prison – some from antagonism towards us and towards Christ – but what a difference Christ has made in their lives… (Praise the Lord!)

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