La Paz Prison Report March 2019

La Paz Prison Team Full Report

In one sense, one could say that this was the best team ever this time in this prison -because the inmates that have come to know Christ in the prison have matured in Christ to whereas they are now reaching out to their fellow inmates.  It really was exciting to see one inmate sharing Christ with another inmate, and then to put his arms around this other inmate, and pray for him.    Thank you again for all of your prayers and financial support that really help to make these outreaches such a success. No other group is now allowed to go into these prisons to do what we do-and people’s lives are being changed as a result. They all appreciate the love and attention we give them, as we share the love of Jesus with them-and many are receiving the message of salvation.

Don & Lorraine Karsgaard

Johnson Journal – June 2018

Johnson Journal June 2018

Paul and Jean Goodner blessed us the last week of April with Pastor/Leadership training based on the Bible. This was the fifth year of the series and we had thought it would be the last in this series. However, on Friday evening when the class ended nearly everyone in attendance said they had learned so much and asked them to return next year. So, we are planning another week sometime next spring. Always exciting for Lynne and myself when the nationals want more training.

Effective ministry is not only about what you can do, it is also about how well you teach others.  Paul Goodner

Dave & Lynne Johnson

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Johnson Journal – November 2017

Johnson Journal November 2017

Partners in Ministry,

Greetings from Mexico! It seems that when we think something will be a challenge and are concerned about what and how to approach a topic or situation God often has prepared those involved. A couple of weeks ago we needed to deal with an issue and when we met with the men it seemed that the issue was already taken care of the solution was easy. We have a great God who knows what is needed and often has the solution in place before we even start.

Last week I was talking with Pastor Jose about “their” missions in January and it is so exciting to hear what they have planned. Again The Angels will be doing much of the ministry. They will also be teaching other youth some of what they have learned being part of the team sharing Jesus. Lynne and I are so pleased to see how God is using the youth from San Vicente to challenge other young people for Jesus.

A couple of weeks ago we heard that a Nazarene university in California has heard about The Angels and is sending a small team to study how they are ministering and how The Angels came into existence. Really exciting to see how the youth of San Vicente have influenced people in the States.

Attached is our latest newsletter to assist you in knowing what is happening and how best to pray for the ministry.

“You can’t change the past, but you can change the future by seeking God’s will instead of your own.” – Billy Graham

Dave & Lynne Johnson

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Loreto Weekend Report – Santa Rosalía Prison May 30 – June 3, 2017

Report for Weekender Prison Team May 30 – June 3, 2017

This month we were in a prison again – this time in Santa Rosalía, where we have been going every year for the past eight years – sometimes twice in a year. It was so wonderful to be back again sharing the love of Jesus and the message of salvation with some of the staff, guards and inmates; and to see some of the fruit of our previous labors.

On the day we arrived, we were welcomed very warmly by many of the staff and guards – quite a difference from how everything began eight years ago. All of the suspicion, apprehension, and criticism we experienced back then had been replaced with embrace after embrace; and on the last day, one of the lead guards asked if we could take our health fairs to the communities around his home – and he assured us that he wanted to help us put these health fairs on…

In the meetings we had with some of the staff and guards at the beginning of each day, I explained exactly why we keep coming back – beginning by telling them why every time we come we give everyone the little booklet, “Agua Viva”- the Gospel of John.

What makes this book special is that the writer had seen and heard something so very unique, from a person he had got to know so well, that he felt compelled to share what he had come to know with as many people as possible. In the same way we too have come to know and experience some-thing we want to share – especially with the inmates (who have been discarded from society) – because everyone who comes to know and experience what this writer explains, will have their lives will be changed forever, for the good…

The writer used these words trying to describe who Jesus was: The Word, Creator, Life, Light, Grace, Truth, Son of God, Lamb of God, Forgiver… During these three morning meetings we read together John 1:1-23 and I explained in detail what each of these words meant; and then I went on to explain that John the Baptist declared himself to be preparing the way for the Messiah – the One who was coming into their world as promised, to change everything…!  In the same way I said, “We’re like John the Baptist – coming into your world to share this same wonderful news…”

After the meeting on the third day one of the office staff came to me explaining how much she really appreciated what we were doing, and had done over the years; and then went on to explain that her life had been changed as a result, and that she had been attending one of the churches in Santa Rosalia that we had held our health fairs at a few years ago…

At the meetings we had with all of the inmates at the end of our three days I again explained to them, using a modern parable, the personal value there can be of reading the Bible, believing what it tells us, and doing what it says…, over one hundred men picked up Bibles.

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Johnson Journal June 2016



Johnson Journal June 2016

Dave & Lynne Johnson write:

We are very excited to see a former Angel who just graduated from a year long missions school take the leadership of the discipleship team. Alba was part of the Angels for several years and is a young lady whom we have assisted through Jr Hi and High School so she could get an education. Then to see her go to a school focusing on missions and now back in San Vicente is awesome.  Alba is a little nervous about her new role but watching her this week as the Angels prepare for a summer of ministry is amazing. She knows how we have done things for years and now she has ideas of her own and we are pleased to support her in this new role.  This may be the fulfillment of our goal to see a national person take the leadership of this discipleship ministry and make it their own. The goal of missions should always be to train nationals for leadership and then step back and let them lead in their own style. Lynne and I are so pleased to see this happening.

Dr. Miller, November 2015

Dentist Dr. Miller joined us in early November for his 14th trip to La Esperanza. He was accompanied by assistants Alia Lynn and Amanda Krajsa. Dentist Dra. Bonnie Barajas with Mexican Medical also joined the team. Dave and Lynne Johnson brought the mobile dental unit and Amy Fuller kept the team fed.

We saw 82 total patients in Camp Vergel, Paseo de San Quintín, and at the clinic. Dr. Miller fixed a woman’s front teeth. She never used to smile because she was self-conscious, but she was all smiles after she saw her new teeth in the mirror. An older indigenous woman, Paula, mother of ten, came through and was missing some of her teeth in front. She had a dark spot on one of her remaining front teeth, and she was so grateful to have the spot polished away. It was a simple procedure, but it brought her so much joy.

Andrea, who comes to our Saturday Bible Club, had heard that we had dentists coming, so she told her grandfather to take her to the clinic so we could look at her tooth. She came late in the day and our schedule was full, but I didn’t have the heart to turn her away. She came back later and we were able to fit her in. The tooth had to come out. I held her hand while she received her injections. She was so brave and still happy afterwards, giving Dr. Miller a hug.

At one point, we realized her grandfather was no longer waiting in the truck. He had gone into our church for service. Apparently, this man had been the assistant pastor to Buky’s father, Rafael, many years ago, but problems came up in his life and he left the church. So, it was so sweet to see this man attend church for the first time in a long time because of his granddaughter’s persistence to see the dentist.

While the dentists were working during the week, Maurilio and his wife Refugio were spending time in evangelism with the patients. Twelve patients received Christ that week and 3 rededicated their lives. Buky and Cris spent time ministering to the kids at each location with a Bible story and craft.