Trujillo’s August 2018 Prayer Letter

Prayer Letter August 2018

The Hemet Valley Baptist Church from Hemet, CA came this July. Their 25 team members came to help for a week at the
seminary (STBC) as well as work with Iglesia de La Hermosa, next to the seminary in Tecate.  The team worked hard on construction and maintenance work, including painting, demolition, ground leveling, pouring concrete, and laying brick for a patio area outside of the seminary kitchen. It was hard work in the hot sun and many of the team had never done this kind of work. Some of the ladies did a sewing class while sewing curtains for the seminary classrooms. They left two machines with La Hermosa Baptist Church for them to use as needed. The team also spent time helping La Hermosa reach out to the community around the church. Special services were planned, visits were made where testimonies were shared, and people were invited to come to the church for a special service each evening. One result from the visits was that a family of six prayed to receive Christ.

Johnson Journal – April 2018

Johnson Journal April 2018

Partner in Ministry,

We were so excited to hear the people of San Vicente share about their mission’s trip to Nayarit (central Mexico).  I, Dave, had the opportunity to accompany the church on their early mission trips and now it is awesome to see them doing the trips all on their own.  It is clear God is working in many of their lives.

I, Dave, am feeling really good and walking several mornings each week for over an hour.  It feels so good to not have any negative feeling which had been so much a part of my life the past 3 years.  We thank God for the medical team which has worked to improve my life and give me back some energy.

We have attached our latest newsletter for you to know what is happening in our ministry and assist as you pray for us and the ministry.  Thank you for your continued prayer, encouragement, and support.

“Effective ministry is not only about what you can do, it is also about how well you teach others.”  Paul Goodner

Dave & Lynne Johnson

Serving With Mexican Medical Ministries 619-488-4447 (San Diego, CA)
503-931-6552 (Salem, OR)

Phone calls are forwarded to San Vicente


Cris McCoy February 2018 Newsletter

February 2018 Newsletter

Dear friends, family and fellow workers,

Each time I sat to write this, I would hear the Lord direct me to come and spend time with Him. I did not know then how much I would need this time with Him to move forward in this writing, the fleshing out of these stories. This is just a one slice perspective of what we saw God doing in Cuba those ten days. I pray these stories raise your faith and encourage you in your own daily ministries.
Much love, Cris(ty) Mccoy

Loreto Weekend Report – November 9-13, 2017

REPORT FOR WEEKENDER TEAM — November 9-13, 2017

As you may have likely heard, we have made a change with regards to our Health Fairs: we will now be focusing only on the Prisons in Santa Rosalia (where we’ve held our outreaches once or twice each year for the past eight years), and in La Paz (where we began ministries last March). This month we were glad to be back in La Paz, and glad to have many people from La Paz who were on our Team six months ago, on our Team again this November.

You will remember us mentioning before how difficult it’d been for years for pastors to have access into the prison to minister to the inmates, yet how wonderful it’d been that the Prison had asked us to come with our Health Fairs. So we had some pastors with us last time, not only to help us with our Health Fairs, but also hoping that as a result the doors would begin to open for them…

Well we were so glad to discover upon arriving this time that Pedro and Rosita, (pastors in La Paz), who were two of those who were with us last time, (and they were with us again this time) – that they had been having Bible Studies every Saturday in the La Paz Prison since our Outreach last Spring – Pedro leading one Bible Study for the men, while Rosita led another Bible Study for the women. We were overjoyed to learn that the doors we were praying about were opening…

We were then very pleased to be introduced to several of the inmates who had made decisions for Christ last Spring when we were there, (who had been attending these Bible Studies), and to learn that they were continuing to grow in their faith and to be strong in the Lord.  How exciting!

As we began each day Don gave everyone on our Team encouragement and instructions from the Word and then we prayed together. The first day it was about exemplifying our transformed lives. On the second day Don encouraged everyone to pray for the inmates, but before doing so, to ask the inmate what they’d like us to pray about for them. This approach opened the hearts of many of the inmates, and discussions followed…, and then many of the inmates (men and women) were being led to Christ. It was amazing; and we could not keep track of the numbers…            …

Dr. Ricardo’s been helping us in our Health Fairs for just over a year, and just a short time ago he was offered a job in this Prison. Now as a result the Health Fairs this weekend the inmates know that their doctor is a Christian and they can go to him almost anytime…

The Lord is definitely doing a work here: the doors are opening, the inmates are responding, follow-up is happening, and your prayers are being answered… Thank you so much again for helping to make all of this happen.

Click here to see pictures and read our Full Report…


Loreto Weekend Report – Santa Rosalía Prison May 30 – June 3, 2017

Report for Weekender Prison Team May 30 – June 3, 2017

This month we were in a prison again – this time in Santa Rosalía, where we have been going every year for the past eight years – sometimes twice in a year. It was so wonderful to be back again sharing the love of Jesus and the message of salvation with some of the staff, guards and inmates; and to see some of the fruit of our previous labors.

On the day we arrived, we were welcomed very warmly by many of the staff and guards – quite a difference from how everything began eight years ago. All of the suspicion, apprehension, and criticism we experienced back then had been replaced with embrace after embrace; and on the last day, one of the lead guards asked if we could take our health fairs to the communities around his home – and he assured us that he wanted to help us put these health fairs on…

In the meetings we had with some of the staff and guards at the beginning of each day, I explained exactly why we keep coming back – beginning by telling them why every time we come we give everyone the little booklet, “Agua Viva”- the Gospel of John.

What makes this book special is that the writer had seen and heard something so very unique, from a person he had got to know so well, that he felt compelled to share what he had come to know with as many people as possible. In the same way we too have come to know and experience some-thing we want to share – especially with the inmates (who have been discarded from society) – because everyone who comes to know and experience what this writer explains, will have their lives will be changed forever, for the good…

The writer used these words trying to describe who Jesus was: The Word, Creator, Life, Light, Grace, Truth, Son of God, Lamb of God, Forgiver… During these three morning meetings we read together John 1:1-23 and I explained in detail what each of these words meant; and then I went on to explain that John the Baptist declared himself to be preparing the way for the Messiah – the One who was coming into their world as promised, to change everything…!  In the same way I said, “We’re like John the Baptist – coming into your world to share this same wonderful news…”

After the meeting on the third day one of the office staff came to me explaining how much she really appreciated what we were doing, and had done over the years; and then went on to explain that her life had been changed as a result, and that she had been attending one of the churches in Santa Rosalia that we had held our health fairs at a few years ago…

At the meetings we had with all of the inmates at the end of our three days I again explained to them, using a modern parable, the personal value there can be of reading the Bible, believing what it tells us, and doing what it says…, over one hundred men picked up Bibles.

Click here to see pictures and read our Full Report…

Sheveland’s February 2017 Newsletter

Sheveland’s Newsletter – February 2017


One thing that never changes is that time seems to fly. Time flew when we first realized we needed to send out a newsletter, two months ago. It has also flown by when we realized that we have been here in Cabo San Lucas for 15 years now. We look back on these years and remember the people who came down to serve along side us for several years. Of the friendships we made with the teams and the relationships we have made and continue with here in Cabo. We know that with some of you we have not seen or spoken with you for many years but we have not forgotten you and we are grateful to all who came to support, encourage, and pray for us. Thank you.


Loreto Report, May 2015

What can we do for these men in the Santa Rosalía prison? What can we say when the government has regulations that we must adhere to? We are allowed more freedom when talking with each inmate privately – during those times we do our best to share the love of Jesus, and the message of salvation with those who have not accepted Christ as Savior. And with those who have made a decision for Christ, we give encouragement…

At the end of the 3 days of our Health Fairs, on Sunday, we’re permitted to have a meeting with all of the prisoners. During these 3 meetings we are allowed to give ‘a short talk of encouragement’ to the men, and to then give out the things we have brought for them all – which are plastic bags containing a wash cloth, a large bar of soap, a large bottle of shampoo, a tooth brush, a large tube of toothpaste, a roll of dental floss, a blank notebook, a pen, a Gospel of John, an a booklet entitled, ‘The Story of Jesus’. We also give them the option to pick up a Bible if they would like one…

We are not allowed to ‘preach’ during these 3 meetings because the inmates are required to attend – their attendance is not voluntary. Praise the Lord! So, what can we talk to the men about during this ‘message of encouragement’…? (NB: We are allowed to ‘preach’ at designated church service times – because attendance to these services is voluntary.)

This is what I’ve done: Last time I spoke on ‘evolution’ and why this teaching should not be trusted, because of the lack of evidence to support it. “On the other side”, I said, “there’s a lot of evidence to support ‘creation’ so it’s a very likely true we’ll all face God at the end of our lives; agreed? So pick up a Bible and read it yourself… Then draw your own conclusion without feeling you’re under any pressure.”

This time I decided to tell the men a story – fashioning it after Matthew 13:10-17. The story I told them was fictional, but there was truth that could be found in the story, and they could put themselves in the story if they understood it. The essence of the story was this: If you wanted to get to Cancun from Cabo you’d need to take a bus, or a boat, or a plane or a combination of these. The problems are that sometimes buses breakdown, boats sink, and planes crash – so they are not reliable! But in my story there’s a super-train that is reliable, but tickets cannot be purchased…, and what would it be like on the train? Well one could go down to the station and hang on to the side of the train and look in as it travels down the tracks – and some people have tried this, but they have gotten knocked off when the train came to a tunnel. So it’s evident, to receive the benefits of the super-train, one must get on/in the train! But people are still hesitant because they are not sure what it’s like on the train. So they ask their friends or others – but they have gotten their information from the newspapers and TV – and that info is often incorrect, (in fact they usually only tell stories about boats that sank or planes that have crashed…) No! One must have faith, and just get on the train! The good news is: today in Santa Rosalía there’s someone giving out free tickets for the super-train. And he says, it’s not dependent upon how good or bad you’ve been…

Then I explained, the real story is in ‘the Book’… The story was confusing for some of the men and some of the guards, but for others – they understood it! In fact 2 men picked up Bibles after the story saying they are looking forward to seeing us in ‘Cancun’. About 150 men picked up Bibles that day. Praise the Lord!

So the Gospel can be shared even when there may be regulations that curtail our freedom. And while the men would’ve closed their ears to ‘preaching’ they’ll remember this story – so pray for them as they do…

Thank you so much again for helping to make all of this happen. We do praise the Lord, for your partnership!

Loreto Report, November 2014

One of the churches in Loreto had moved recently to a new location, so we held our Health Fairs at their new location as way to let the people around it know this church is now closer to them there for their benefit.

One of the young men in the church was eager to learn from Don how to help people get the right glasses, and then give those to them. So Don took the time to explain a few basics, and how to also use our ‘variant sliders’ to determine the strength of the glasses needed for either reading or distance, and then how we use the reading of John 3:16 to confirm that the reading lasses we give them work well for them. So Jorge then got started…

An hour later I came to Jorge and asked how he was doing, and he responded, “Very well…” So then I explained that after they have read, “God loved us all so much that He sent His only Son into the world to die for us, and for those who believe in Him, they will not live an empty life but they will have eternal life” ask “when using the glasses are the letters clear to your eyes”? (Wait for a response then ask,) “Is the message you have just read clear to your heart?”

Then after you have had some discussion don’t ask them to pray, but ask, “Can I pray for you?” Most times people will say “Yes”, so then ask, “What in your life would you like me to pray for?” They will then open up and share with you their problems and concerns. Now you have an open door from which you can guide them into the Bible and their need to accept Christ as their own Lord and Savior. Now pray for them appropriately, and God will bless them and you in the process…

An hour or so passed, and Jorge said to me, “Why didn’t you tell me all of this at the start? It’s so easy to talk to people this way.” I explained that it might likely have been too much at one time, but now you know…

At the end of the day, he said that one person was so impressed with how Jorge gave him his glasses, talked compassionately with him, and then prayed for him, that he would be coming back on Sunday with others in his family – so that they could be prayed for as well.

At the end on Sunday Jorge said, “I want to do this with you again next month, wherever you go with your Health Fairs…”