Karsgaard May 2019 Newsletter

May 2019 Newsletter

May was another busy month for us here in Loreto, but very exciting as we have had Adriana Payton-Kruska and Gill Kruska with us providing teaching in four churches on ‘How to manage or avoid Diabetes’…  Also our Pastor’s Fellowship has gone over another hurdle here in Loreto during this past month, and so we have formed a new group called ‘Agape’ – hopefully all of the Pastors will join with us now…

In addition our English Church attendance has dwindled as many people leave Loreto for the summer, but we will resume in the fall as people return…

Please pray for our next outreach in the Santa Rosalía Prison as we are encountering a couple of frustrations that we are trying to work out… But as in the past, the Lord brings everything together for His glory – so we are anticipating another wonderful time in the prison this month…

Attached is our Report with photos and details…  Thank you again for your prayers and support!


Don & Lorraine

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