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A Message from the President

Steve Crews, President of Mexican Medical Ministries

Dear Friends,

On short-term missions trips, we often experience a mutual blessing. The teams come really wanting to be a blessing to the missionaries and the Mexican church, but instead they find that they also receive full hearts of joy!  I have heard numerous times from team members that they encounter God in a new way different from how they typically do at home.

On my last trip down to Baja this spring, I experienced this type of joy myself. Along with 15 young people from the US, we attended a church service in southern Baja that opened with prayer at the altar.  It began with the local pastor, his wife, and another church member.  I felt led to join them and a few more members of the church came too.  After a bit of time, I opened my eyes because I sensed there were more people around me–it was a handful of teenage boys from the team.

I honestly don’t remember the sermon or the songs, but with all of us gathered at the altar kneeling, I knew God was in our midst. That was the beginning of the week of service, and throughout the rest of the week I saw many of the young people deep in prayer and absorbed in God’s word.

I went down to bless my Mexican brothers and instead came back with much, much more than I gave!  Thank you for continually blessing us at Mexican Medical.

Blessings From The Border,

Pastor Steve Crews, CEO


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