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A Message from the President

Steve Crews, President of Mexican Medical Ministries

As you may have guessed by now, all of our spring teams have had to cancel. Just as we are all in stay-home status, so is Mexico. But there are grave differences–there will be no unemployment benefits, no federal relief being sent to personal bank accounts, and no small business loans becoming available. All of this means that folks will not be going to work and they will have no measurable income. Because so many are usually barely scraping by as it is, even one month of this will be disastrous. 
One of the ways we are helping is with food distribution boxes, or, in Spanish ‘dispensas.’ This is a common way that employers in Mexico assist their workers when there are seasonal layoffs. But this doesn’t include all the self-employed or small business owners. So the photos you see are Mexican Medical missionaries preparing food sacks and distributing them to folks in their communities. These ‘dispensas’ also include the types of hygiene items that we often distribute in our health fairs. Our missionaries have also been helping supply medications when they learn of individual needs. I am very grateful to God that we have boots on the ground and, since day one, they have been bringing the healing and hope of Christ.
The economic blow will last much longer south of the border because so much of Baja California depends on the tourism industry. We will continue to share as the Lord provides and are extremely grateful to those of you who have generously given to aid these in need. We have received numerous expressions of gratitude from all the recipients. Right now, we have missionaries and their local partners serving their communities in Tijuana, the San Quintin Valley, Loreto, Cabo San Lucas and Guanajuato. Please pray for their protection! The health care system in Mexico is no match for what they are experiencing.
I can’t believe I am saying this, but for the first time ever, we would rather you didn’t try to gather items for us to distribute. Right now the border is essentially closed. But know that any gift, no matter how small, will be used to bless a family by providing vital food and hygiene items. 100% of your gift will be sent to our missionaries to buy and distribute these necessary items.                           
Thank you so much for your prayers and support!
Pastor Steve Crews

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One day this spring, Mexican Medical missionary Dr. Álvaro Ávila and 16 volunteers conducted a health fair in Colonia Caribe Bajo. The doctor gave 27 consults to people in need.  When I read this report, I did something really fun–I looked it up on Google Maps.  From outer space, I could zoom in and zero in on the little mission building where they conducted the health fair.  It is amazing to think God looks down all the time and see what we are up too.

He sees the little dirt road leading to a humble building.  He listens as church members take folks aside after they have seen the doctor and explain how God loves them and sent Jesus to forgive them.  We get to be God’s hands and feet, and even a voice to proclaim His truth.  All the while, He is watching, empowering the team with His spirit and approving of our trip to Caribe Bajo.  And, He is exceptionally pleased that three people at that outreach prayed to receive Jesus as their savior.


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