Outreach Teams

This applies to teams in and around Loreto, BCS.

Almost every month of the year we have Weekender Teams coming to assist us with our evangelistic Health Fairs that we hold in various parts of Baja Sur, Mexico. People generally arrive in Loreto on Friday and leave on Monday or Tuesday. Alaska Airlines, and others fly into Loreto on these days from Los Angeles; and we often have people coming in private planes as well. So if you were to join us, those two options are available, plus coming by bus or car (please contact the Mexican Medical Ministries’ office for more information).

Our Weekender Teams, are usually for 4-5 days, but we often need people to come for longer—especially to help us with all the preparations for these events. If you were able to stay longer, then we could do more! For example, we could hold our Health Fairs on Monday and Tuesday, as well as on Saturday and Sunday. Or we could do other kinds of programs or Outreaches; maybe something for children or for teens or for women or maybe we could help with construction needs at a local church or maybe a Pastor’s home.

There are many needs, and therefore many opportunities. We do not want to restrict the length of time that people can come and help us, nor do we want to restrict your coming to just the team dates we have posted on our website. We are interested in utilizing your gifts and experience to help meet the needs in our area. Therefore, if you are interested in coming alone, as a couple, as a family, or as a team from your church, please just email us and let us know of your interest. We will then work with you in regards to when and how long you would like to come and tailor a missions outreach program with you in mind.

Weekender costs are available by contacting Mexican Medical Ministries. Depending on how long you stay, whether you choose basic (tent camping!) or luxurious accommodations, whether you choose to eat out or in homes, and what you’d like to do, there could be additional costs. We can send you information on various options.

In summary:

  • If God has placed an interest in your heart, we’d like for you to come!
  • Regarding dates: you can come almost anytime, for any length of time!
  • We can tailor our missions outreach programs to your interests and abilities!
  • And the costs can be made as reasonable as you would like!

Please send an email to Don & Lorraine in Loreto at loreto.ministries@gmail.com to find out more information.