Greetings in this Beautiful Season

Churches and Christian ministries in the San Quintín Valley have been flooded with showers–a hurricane south of our peninsula recently brought 1 ½ days of rain and flash floods to refresh our land of drought

Meanwhile, we are awed by YEARS of spiritual blessing that we have experienced to the Glory of God:

  • packed evangelical churches,
  • outreaches by local churches,
  • outstanding number of residents familiar with the Gospel,
  • an openness and hunger for the Good News,
  • increased quality of life through physical healing of hundreds of patients.

God showered us with outstanding volunteer specialists in eye surgery, orthopedic clinics, general surgery and urology–even pediatric cardiology for the first time!!! Every day, Living Waters flow through the entire hospital and out to visitors in the parking area through an intercom system. Our new chaplain gives a daily noon devotional, even heard in the OR! The hospitalized patients receive loving prayers and the Word of God.

During the first three quarters of 2022, at Hospital El Buen Pastor there were 715 surgeries (by staff as well as visiting specialists), 279 births, and over 8,000 medical consultations.

We give glory to God that our pastor Basilio Núñez was literally raised from the dead: Visiting family in Idaho, he suffered a massive heart attack and was without respiration and pulse for more than 10 minutes before paramedics arrived and were able to resuscitate him. Three months later, he was back preaching as if nothing ever happened! Hallelujah!

We pray for a shower of blessings on your lives and families. We are so very grateful for your prayers that sustain the hospital ministry!

By Dr. Rita González