As the world transitioned to a new normal, the Tijuana Medical Brigadas (medical outreaches) quickly adapted and didn’t miss a beat. Thanks to years of working with teams of volunteers that were made up of both Mexicans and Americans, the transition to a Mexican volunteer team has gone smoothly. We set a goal of 1,000 people in Tijuana coming to know Christ as their Savior through the Brigadas in 2021.

Prayer tent at Tijuana Brigada
Prayer tent at Tijuana Brigada

The team was called together and they were energized to get back to serving so that Christ’s love could be shared with people who need to experience it. God has brought together a core team of about 50 Mexican believers who are committed to joining with us for each event. Together, under the leadership of Craig & Kristi Libby and Octavio & Maria Luisa Peralta, this team will have given out thousands of services (eye glasses, medical and dental consults, foot care, nutrition education, lab services, dentures, legal advice, haircuts, and more) this year. Pray with us that the goal of 1,000 salvations is reached by the end of the year.

The heart of the Brigadas is to strengthen churches and encourage pastors. This was visibly fulfilled with the first Brigada of the year. Pastor A’s church had 80 people attending before Covid, but was now down to 8. People from the church were returning to work, and shopping in the market, but not coming back to church. Our goal was that the church would be strengthened by getting people together again, and that the pastor would be encouraged. He had recruited 40 of the members of his church to come out and get involved in the Brigada, including serving in the prayer tent where they led people to the Lord.

The next day, Sunday after the Brigada, there were 108 people in church, 30 of whom came to church for the first time as a result of the previous day’s outreach! The pastor was so excited that he has since come to help at subsequent Brigadas for churches in other parts of the city.

There is no shortage of invitations from congregations who would like us to serve in their community. The Lord is opening doors to new locations and new Mexican partners. We have missed the blessing of working with a bicultural team of American and Mexican volunteers, and pray that the border soon opens completely so that the multicultural body of Christ can serve together again. In the meantime, we are excited for this growth as we wait expectantly to see how God will continue to work through the Tijuana Medical Brigadas.