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  • Missionary Allan Lee in San Quintín

    Missionary Allan Lee in San Quintín

    God greatly blessed our efforts during 2022 to continue developing Scripture resources in the Copala Triqui language. In May, my Triqui coworker and I completed the recording of the revised Copala Triqui New Testament, and the final revision of the formatting of the NT text is nearly finished! (The final editing of the audio is…

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  • Cuba Ministry

    Cuba Ministry

    Cuba has had another difficult year in 2022, with worsening shortages of food, medicine, and other essentials; daily rotating hours-long electrical outages throughout the island; extreme inflation; and more. Please join us in praying for joy, provision, and endurance for our dear Cuban brothers and sisters in Christ, as well as that the growing sense…

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  • A Year of Transitions, Fulfillment, & Growth

    As the world transitioned to a new normal, the Tijuana Medical Brigadas (medical outreaches) quickly adapted and didn’t miss a beat. Thanks to years of working with teams of volunteers that were made up of both Mexicans and Americans, the transition to a Mexican volunteer team has gone smoothly. We set a goal of 1,000…

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  • Healing and Hope 2021

    Looking back at the past year is similar to viewing life in a rear view mirror—it’s hard to believe we went down that road. There were many new limitations to our ministry and yet an equal amount of opportunities.

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  • Cuba Shipment

    Cuba Shipment

    Mexican Medical staff and volunteers load up a container shipment of food, essential hygiene items, and many other supplies for the people of Cuba. The pandemic has made it more critical than ever to help the seniors, children, and countless others who are in need of these life saving essentials

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Mexican Medical Ministries is an interdenominational non-profit organization, founded in 1963, dedicated to providing low or no-cost health care to the people of Mexico in the name of Jesus Christ.


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