Ongoing Legacy of Mexican Medical Ministries

In 1962, our founder Loran Long and his wife Jean took their two daughters and drove down the Baja to the fishing and farming town of San Quintín. They began as missionaries with the plan to help plant churches. As the healthcare needs of the community became apparent, Loran started flying doctors down from Torrance, CA, and thus was born what would grow to become Mexican Medical Ministries.

Our first 20 years of service in Mexico were filled with constructing medical facilities utilizing thousands of volunteers. Each site has its own unique story, and, as time went on, they gained their own autonomy. Our original hospital, El Buen Pastor, still stands today as a lighthouse and a beacon of hope for many who would not otherwise be able to access quality care. We maintain a close relationship with EBP and they continue to receive volunteer surgeons to aid in the task of assisting those in need.

During the past 25 years, MMM’s focus has grown to include creating events that incorporate community health care outreach in partnership with local churches. The evangelistic imperative has continued to guide and direct our efforts, and we have stayed true to our call to bring healing and hope even after these 60 years.

Training health care professionals has continued to be a focus and we are also constantly expanding our list of national missionaries. In addition to gaining many new members, over the past few years we also grew geographically and began helping to bring healing and hope to the people of Cuba, as well. It has been a joy to see some of our Mexican missionaries go beyond their borders to serve in the bright city of Havana.

This year also marks the 26th anniversary of my service with Mexican Medical and 20 years as President/CEO. My position has been divided into three roles–our chief operations officer has been with us since late 2019 and we recently gained a missionary care facilitator. So far, God has me remaining in the CEO portion of the role and it is such a joy to watch the ministry grow and expand with many new national partners.

Last spring, I spoke at the church where our founder had served as a youth pastor before moving to Mexico. I asked the congregation how many had been there 60 years ago when the Longs departed. There were actually many hands! Later, at Sunday school, I met two gentlemen in their mid-70s who shared that they had gone with Loran Long on a missions trip when they were just teenagers. It is an extreme pleasure to know that we are part of such a rich heritage of serving the people of Mexico for so many years!

By Steve Crews, CEO