God greatly blessed our efforts during 2022 to continue developing Scripture resources in the Copala Triqui language. In May, my Triqui coworker and I completed the recording of the revised Copala Triqui New Testament, and the final revision of the formatting of the NT text is nearly finished! (The final editing of the audio is still pending.) During 2022, with the help of our distribution network, we gave out about 1,000 mother-tongue digital Scripture resources, mostly in Triqui, but also smaller quantities in multiple other indigenous languages of Mexico. Most were microSD cards loaded with audio and video Bible resources in the language, plus some dozens of personal audio players.

Since most Triquis are living in diaspora in a few hundred locations in dozens of states of Mexico and the US, online options are essential for getting God’s Word to them. We make use of the ScriptureEarth.org website, Facebook, a YouTube channel, a Triqui Android Scripture app, and Google Ads to promote the use of that app in some key locations in Mexico. I have been able to verify usage of the app in some 200 locations in 30 of Mexico’s 32 states, 35 locations in 13 US states, and 2 locations in Quebec, Canada! Praise God with us that His Word is reaching Triquis in so many places, but also pray for ever greater impact.

By Allan Lee