Cris McCoy February 2018 Newsletter

February 2018 Newsletter

Dear friends, family and fellow workers,

Each time I sat to write this, I would hear the Lord direct me to come and spend time with Him. I did not know then how much I would need this time with Him to move forward in this writing, the fleshing out of these stories. This is just a one slice perspective of what we saw God doing in Cuba those ten days. I pray these stories raise your faith and encourage you in your own daily ministries.
Much love, Cris(ty) Mccoy

“The Mountains Will Move” – July 2017

July Newsletter

Happy 4th of July to you from Clínica La Esperanza!

Even though we are in Mexico, we still have plenty of room in our hearts for the United States!  May God bless America!  We will be celebrating with a bonfire and fireworks at the beach with a team from Ridgecrest, California.  Buky is preparing his “Tribute to America” soundtrack.  Even though Buky has never gone to the States, we believe it is a promise from God that we will be able to go together one day as a family.  We look forward to that day!  Meanwhile, we continue to serve with all of our hearts here at La Esperanza.

Thank you so much to all of our financial supporters, prayer partners, team members who have come to serve, family and friends who encourage us to continue in the work that God has for us here.  We apologize for not being in touch for so long.  It has never been our intention to not keep you informed because we believe you are just as much a part of this work that the Lord is doing as we are.  I admit that even with the help from a nanny for Elena, life is so fast-paced here, that it can be hard to keep up.  However, we will try to do better to stay in touch this year.  We hope this attached newsletter will encourage you as you see what God has been doing here at La Esperanza.

Thank you so much for your prayers!

God bless,

Buky, Theresa, and Elena

“The Mountains Will Move”

July 2 2016

December 2016 Newsletter

Hello friends!

 We wanted to share with you about fall ministry at La Esperanza.  It seems that the ministry should slow down after summer, but there is always more work to be done!  God is good, as He continues to draw people in our area to His heart.  It is a blessing to be a part of God’s work here.  We look forward to a slower-paced time with family this holiday season.  Our prayer is that you will be able to slow down and enjoy the holiday as well.   Please pray for healing for Angel (there is more information in the attached newsletter).  Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

 God bless you!

Buky, Theresa, and Elena Ventura Lewis


“The Mountains Will Move”

July 2 2016

November 2016 Newsletter

Hello Friends and Family,

It can certainly be a challenge to sum up nine weeks of summer ministry in a few pages, but here is the result – attached to this e-mail.  One of our favorite times with the groups is sharing time at the end of the week.  Sometimes it takes place in the Fellowship Hall, out in the courtyard, or at the beach around a campfire.  It’s a time when team members share meaningful moments from the week of ministry and how God has made an impact on their lives in this place.  If we wrote down all of the testimonies of God’s goodness this summer, we’d have a pretty long book!  Isn’t God awesome!  It’s these sharing times that motivate us to continue on.  We are so thankful for your prayers, love, and support!  We pray you have a happy Thanksgiving with your families this month!

God bless you!

Buky, Theresa, and Elena Ventura-Lewis


Cris McCoy August 2016 Newsletter

SF Bubble Laughter -200x133

August 2016 Newsletter

At the end of each season as I sit to share some of what I experienced and witnessed God doing, I am always overwhelmed. There is so much to share and only a little space to do so, especially if I hope to keep the attention of the reader.

In the attached newsletter I will share just a little splash of the joys and sorrows shared this summer. We had 8 teams join us from different areas of the US. We went to some new places and engaged in some new types of ministries as well.


“The Mountains Will Move”


July 2 2016

July 2016 Newsletter

Buky & Theresa write:

A group of 27 came from Sutherlin Family Church in Oregon to serve with us the week before Easter. This church has been involved with our ministry for over twenty years. They donated our church’s pews and one couple on this spring’s team had been here when they put the roof on our church in 1995.

This year the team helped us dig and pour cement so that we can expand our sports area for the youth. They put on dramas at youth night and helped share the Gospel with 150 children at Migrant Camp Vergel through VBS. They also spent one day loving on the residents at the Buen Samaritano assisted living facility by doing crafts with them, playing balloon volleyball, and praying with them.

Sutherlin Family Church also donated a van to the ministry, which was an answer to prayer! The van has been very useful in picking up children for Kids’ Club, as well as for transporting our volunteers to different ministry sites around the San Quintín Valley.