San Quintín is a municipality in Baja California on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. It has a population of around 120,000 people. San Quintín is an important agricultural region for Baja California. It is also an emerging tourist destination, known for its beautiful dunes, beaches, and wetlands.

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Hospital El Buen Pastor San Quintín, Baja California

The Hospital has been helping the community since the 60’s giving medical attention at accessible prices, and allowing people to share the gospel with their patients. In addition, the hospital hosts different ministries and organizations that fly in to offer free services and surgeries such, as eye clinics. Local pastors are invited to share God’s Word as the people wait for their turn.

Since 2007, Dr. Rita has served on staff at Hospital El Buen Pastor where she was born and raised. Her work encompasses the hospital administration, the nursing school, and family practice. Since she was a young girl, Rita has been giving Bible classes at church and in her neighborhood and is now assisted by her two daughters.