Our Missionaries

Go into all the world…

“And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.

Mark 15:16

Amy Fuller

Amy Fuller served many summers as an intern at Clínica La Esperanza. After graduating from the University of Oregon (Spanish major, Linguistics and Latin American Studies minors), Amy came on board full-time with Mexican Medical Ministries in January 2003.

Lázaro and Idali Montesinos

Lázaro and Idali Montesinos have three children and live in El Papalote in San Quintín, Baja California. Their ministry is called “Asael.” Together with their daughter, Aholibama Cajemeto, they help disabled children and their families by providing an educational and social program.

Dr. Álvaro & Soledad Ávila

Álvaro and Soledad have been serving the Lord as missionaries in Cabo San Lucas since 1996, ministering with Mexican Medical Ministries through medicine, health education, and evangelism. The Ávilas also provide care at senior centers, children’s feeding programs, and “Path of LIfe” rehab center, and in local schools.

Dubiel Ávila

Dubie has a degree in physiotherapy. So it has been wonderful for her to be able to use this knowledge to help people in the community, especially the elderly, for which she had deeply longed. She currently serves in Cabo San Lucas and has had the opportunity to help in other communities, too.

Reynaldo Ventura and Theresa Lewis

Rafael Ventura

Pastor Rafael “Jr.” Ventura has devoted his life to serving migrant workers in the San Quintin Valley. He started Bible studies, he planted churches inside the Camp Vergel and a nearby neighborhood. Now, he is working to build “La Casa de Esperanza y Fe para el Migrante” (House of Hope and Faith for the Migrant).

Craig and Kristi Libby

While serving on a Caravan team to San Felipe in 1995 with Hope Church from Lenox, Massachusetts, Kristi was called to full-time ministry with Mexican Medical. Craig joined the Mexican Medical family in January 2005, and now serves as vice president.

Cris McCoy

Cris’s heart is to dispense the affection of Jesus to the needy, hurting, broken, and poor in spirit. This gift comes from time spent away alone with the Lord. It is out of this time and then into community where she most comes alive. She believes she was made just for this. It is her desire to focus on “exchanging love”–both giving and receiving God’s love.

Wayne and Erin Hilliker

Their primary ministry focus is nutrition, health education and assisting the local church. Their ongoing prayer is to be an encouragement and to help strengthen the church in the work they are doing to “GO” out and make disciples.

Allan and Rosy Lee

Allan has a burden for the indigenous people groups of Mexico, and in particular the Copala Triqui people. He serves as a “people group advocate” facilitating ministry to the Triquis in the San Quintín area, networking with others ministering to Triquis there and elsewhere, promoting the development and distribution of ministry resources in their language.

Marcos and Ruby Lee

Marcos and Ruby Lee live in San Quintín, Baja California. He currently serves as assistant pastor in a local church and shares the gospel through social media. Ruby is finishing her internship in nursing. They desire to start a new work. They would love to teach children God’s Word and help them with their education, nutrition, and health to impact their families with the gospel.

Dr. Alejandro & Ruth González

Rita González

Since 2007, Dr. Rita has served on staff at Hospital El Buen Pastor in San Quintín, Baja California, Mexico, where she was born and raised. Her work encompasses the hospital administration, the nursing school, family practice, and coordination for her father’s surgical patients. Ever since she was a young girl , Rita has been giving Bible classes at church and in her neighborhood, and is now assisted by her two girls.

Gary & Pam Sheveland

Our main objective is to support the local Mexican pastors and bring opportunities of ministry to the area they are reaching. This includes showing films, holding Health Fairs, Vacation Bible School and other programs they might be involved in.

Priscila Carolina Ayala

Carolina desires to serve in communities where there is need, with local churches being the means of connection to serve God. She will be monitoring and following up on the process of development and nutrition of groups of children who go to soup kitchens, as well as providing preventive medicine to young people and adults in neighborhoods of Cabo San Lucas working as a team with Dr. Avila and his wife Soledad.

Gerardo Ayala Morelos

As a missionary, Gerardo has learned a lot from the government doctors that come to serve once a week at the clinic, as well as from MMM. He has taken courses with the government doctors and is discovering what he enjoys. He appreciates that they have been willing to give everything, without expecting anything in return.

Lupita Barajas

Bonnie Ochoa

Since I was little I have always felt the calling of God in my life to become a missionary but often wondered how that would be since I was already a Missionary MK.

Octavio and María Luisa Peralta

Steve and Jan Crews

Steve and Jan have a long history of serving in Mexico with various visiting teams starting in 1976. Later, as youth pastors, they brought their own youth teams to Mexico and in 1996, transitioned to working directly with Mexican Medical in the communities in southern Baja.