Trujillo’s in Tecate



We do appreciate the prayers and support that so many are giving on our behalf as we serve here in Tecate.  God opens doors of opportunity to touch the lives of people, whether it is through the Bible classes that are taught or just simply contacts we have as we live in Tecate. It is a privilege for us to serve here and we thank you for your faithful part in what God is doing here through your prayers and support.

Hilliker Report October 2018

Hilliker Letter October 2018

Greetings from Guanajuato,


We hope this letter finds you well! Learning Spanish can be fun, yet challenging. We thought we would share a few nuggets from our learning for your fun, too! 


There are many words that sound very similar in Spanish and English, and in fact mean the same thing. These are called cognates. Some examples are words such as actor (actor), culture (cultura), and opinion (opinión). Easy, right? Until you start making cognates of words that have a totally different meaning. For example, arm is not arma, that means gun, deception is not decepción, that means disappointment, and sin is not sin, in Spanish it means without. Big differences! It’s been fun to laugh at our rookie mistakes.


We’re so grateful for grace and patience from our instructors and friends. We are grateful for each one of you as well! Thank you for your continued prayers.


Wayne and Erin

Mexican Medical Ministries

Hilliker Report September 2018

Hilliker Letter September 2018

Hello from the Hillikers,


It’s hard to believe we’ve already been in Guanajuato for three weeks! We have just completed our second week of language school, and it looks like we will continue with our current school, Colegio Adelita, for the next 12 weeks. We have been learning a lot and improving our language skills little by little each day. 


When we arrived, we were curious about the origin of the name of our new home. Guanajuato’s name is actually derived from a Purépecha indian word which means the mountainous place of frogs. We haven’t figured out exactly which of the mountains around us resemble frogs, but it makes for a good basis for an adventure!


Thank you for praying with us and for us. We continue to trust God as He directs our steps.


Wayne and Erin

Mexican Medical Ministries

Cris McCoy September 2018 Newsletter

September 2018 Newsletter

Hello dear ones,

Attached you will find some stories from our summer ministry in Mexico. There are always so many to tell, but only room to share a few. I pray you are blessed in these accounts of what God is doing! My heart is full of gratitude for your love, prayers, time and attention.

In His Extravagant Love, Cris(ty) McCoy

“The Mountains Will Move” – September 2018

September 2018

Hello Friends,

We are excited to be able to share this update with you about the summer ministry at La Esperanza.  There will be more updates about the summer coming this fall because there are so many more stories to tell!  God was working in so many ways at La Esperanza this summer!  Praise God!

We are about to embark on our trip to Idaho and Montana.  We are so grateful that this is possible!  On August 29th, we celebrated a year since Buky received his approval for his green card in Juarez!  God is good!  We look forward to seeing many friends who have served at La Esperanza in years past.

Thank you so much for your investment in our ministry – through prayer, donations, by coming to serve!  We are so blessed to have so many friends and family that lift us up in prayer.  We couldn’t do this without you!

God bless,

Theresa, Buky, and Elena

Hilliker Report August 2018

Hilliker Letter Aug 2018

We are down to the final days and starting to pack up as we get ready
for language school. We are excited to get started! The plan is to
spend at least six months in the city of Guanajuato in central Mexico
learning the language and the culture.
We have been truly blessed by your prayers and encouragement. With
ongoing monthly support and one-time special gifts, our time at
language school is fully funded!!

Johnson Journal August 2018

Johnson Journal August 2018

Partners in Ministry

Lynne and I had a great summer and hope you will enjoy reading a couple of the highlights in the attached newsletter.  God is do an amazing work in the lives of the Angels and other key people in San Vicente.  We are thrilled to have front row seats to the life journey of so many people as they mature in the walk with our great God

Thank you for your faithful prayers, encouragement and support.  We are truly blessed to have you as part of our team and be able to serve God in Baja.

Late news:  Dave fell off a ladder a few days ago and after a trip to San Diego we know that nothing is broken.  However, he does have limited mobility and some pain.  We ask you to pray for a full recovery and that the pain will be limited so we can complete our trip on the west coast to share about the ministry in Mexico.

God bless you and know you are valued and appreciated

“The Mark of a great church is not its seating capacity, but its sending capacity” –Mark Stachura

Dave & Lynne Johnson

Serving With Mexican Medical Ministries
619-488-4447 (San Diego, CA)
503-931-6552 (Salem, OR)

Phone calls are forwarded to San Vicente

Summer update from Buky & Theresa

Hello Friends,

 It’s hard to believe that we are just about to begin another ministry week with our last team of the summer!  This will be our 4th week of VBS in a row.  This last week, although we didn’t have a team, we held VBS for the children in our village.  I have included a picture where I was delighted to get to be a group leader during craft time!

 We would appreciate your prayers that God would touch children’s hearts at VBS this week in Camp Vergel.  This will be our biggest VBS of the summer with somewhere between 250-400 migrant camp children participating.  Fortunately, we have a team of 55 from Sacramento, CA, that will help us be the hands and feet of Jesus to these children.  The children’s parents spend the day picking tomatoes and cucumbers and don’t have a lot of time to spend with them.   On Thursday, we will get to share the Gospel with the children in small groups during our health fair.  This is always a precious time.   We are so blessed to love on these children and share the good news of Jesus with them. 

We will go into Camp Vergel two nights this week to show a Christian film, share the Gospel, pray and give out Bibles.  We are amazed at how many adults have been coming forward to give their lives to Christ this summer!  It feels like the harvest is ripe with the fruit ready to fall off the vine into our hands.  We pray that we would continue to see more people saying, “Yes!” to Jesus this week.

Thank you so much for your prayers!

God bless you!

Theresa, Buky, and Elena


Trujillo’s August 2018 Prayer Letter

Prayer Letter August 2018

The Hemet Valley Baptist Church from Hemet, CA came this July. Their 25 team members came to help for a week at the
seminary (STBC) as well as work with Iglesia de La Hermosa, next to the seminary in Tecate.  The team worked hard on construction and maintenance work, including painting, demolition, ground leveling, pouring concrete, and laying brick for a patio area outside of the seminary kitchen. It was hard work in the hot sun and many of the team had never done this kind of work. Some of the ladies did a sewing class while sewing curtains for the seminary classrooms. They left two machines with La Hermosa Baptist Church for them to use as needed. The team also spent time helping La Hermosa reach out to the community around the church. Special services were planned, visits were made where testimonies were shared, and people were invited to come to the church for a special service each evening. One result from the visits was that a family of six prayed to receive Christ.

Hilliker Report July 2018

Hilliker Letter July 2018

Hooray! Hooray! We’re on our way!
That is the opening line from one of Wayne’s favorite children’s books — The Bears’ Vacation. We are very
close to launching out to serve full-time with Mexican Medical Ministries.
What a blessing it is to be part of the work that God is doing. We are grateful to have family and friends
(new and old) encouraging and praying for us along the way. It’s hard to believe that our call to “Go!” was
almost two years ago, and it’s been less than a year since the board appointed us as full-time missionaries.
Very soon, we will go and serve indefinitely. “Hooray! Hooray! We’re on our way!”